Led Bradshaw American Comic Book Artist, Creator of Jetpulse Studios

A father learns about Autism Spectrum Disorder and immediately flies into action, just like a superhero--only real. This page features a collection of video and podcast interviews that highlight the amazing comic book universe of Jake Jetpulse and the positive impact that this fabulous story is making. 

Comics and Neurodiversity

Comics and Neurodiversity

The visual storytelling medium of comics can engage neurodivergent readers in powerful ways. From social stories to facial expressions, comics offer a means of learning and communication that are uniquely helpful to neurodiverse learners such as those with ADHD or on the autistic spectrum. Join us as we discuss the ways comics can connect with neurodivergent readers and provide them access to literacy and education. With comic creators Jake and Led Bradshaw (Jake Jetpulse), Matt Dunford (Chair, San Diego Comic Fest), and author Sally Pla (Stanley Will Probably Be Fine). Moderator: Jana Tropper (Director of Literacy, Reading With Pictures)

The Neutral Ground Podcast

The Hero Emerges, Standing in the Midst of Chaos, and the Origin of Jake Jetpulse

Who needs a hero? We all do. In times of great anxiety, depression, and cynicism, the hero reminds us of what is good in the world and what is worth fighting for. This week on The Neutral Ground Podcast, my guest is Led Bradshaw. Led is the illustrator and co-author of Jake Jetpulse comics. Jake Jetpulse is based on Led's son, Jacob. He can fly, fight, and save the world like any other superhero, but there is one thing that separates our hero from Superman, Batman, and Captain America: Jacob has Autism Spectrum Disorder.


However, that does not stop him from beating bad guys, helping others, and showing that heart and courage are still the two greatest ingredients that are necessary for saving our world. In addition to Jake Jetpulse, we discover another hero in our midst: the father figure. Led's story for how much he loves his son is truly inspirational. In this episode, Led and I talk about the origin behind Jake Jetpulse; we discuss the importance of embracing chaos at times, and we talk about the importance of the hero in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a fantastic episode.

The Geeky Dad Podcast


The Multiverse Kids do a deep dive on the Jake Jetpulse series of books.  "The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse", is an amazing comic book universe imagined by a young boy on the autism spectrum.  Co-creator, writer, and artist of the book, Led Bradshaw also stops by to talk about the creation of the book, being a geeky father, and how he used superheroes to help his autistic son.

Dad and Son Create Inspiring Comic Book Series.

Led Bradshaw is a professional comic book artist. His son Jake was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old. The father-son pair created a new comic book series called 'Jake Jetpulse' to help inspire others. 
Jun 30, 2021

"Dad's Got This" Interview

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, TODAY’s Craig Melvin talks with New York-based comic book artist Led Bradshaw about his educational comic book series, “Jake Jetpulse,” that he created with his son Jake, who was diagnosed with autism as a 3-year-old.
March 31, 2021

Dad, son with autism collaborate on comic book series to help son better understand the world

Led Bradshaw has loved drawing cartoons since he was a child. His son’s autism gave him a unique opportunity to turn his son into a comic book superhero.

April 10,2021

Creators After Dark Podcast

creators after dark logo.png

Unconventional Superheroes with Comic Book Creator Led Bradshaw

Comic book creator Led Bradshaw tells the story of how he created the Jake Jetpulse universe alongside his son Jake, and how they use it not only as a creative outlet but as a way to highlight autism awareness. He talks about liking comics before they were cool, the business side side of art, and how a chance interview on The TODAY Show reinvigorated his creative pursuits.